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Welcome to The Game!

The enemy's gate is down.

This Website is part fansite for Ender's game and part blog/link repository for me, Maezr_

I trust you will find many things here including the new Music page, and Blog if you or anyone you know wants to own a website of their own, then Neocities is the way to go. Maezr_ out

"The Game is always real" - Orson Scott Card

When you play a game watch a movie etc. you 'suspend disbeleif' you beleive and immerse yourself into the screen. What you do in that virtual world, is real to your mind, and what you do in a game is your decision, especially in social games. Now this is not to say you are a murderer for playing GTA, instead that you are willing to destroy crude representations of human life, not real people. Even thngs done as memes online, are still memes that you are willing to say irl(assuming you are anonnymos). What you do in the game you are doing in real life. The Game Is Real.